18/10/25 In class writing-analyze of example video essay

video essay topic: DC films’ character problem


This video essay list many examples of the DC superhero characters, and illustrate their problems by comparing to the characters of Marvel Superhero Universe. It emphasize that even thought the DC superhero movies make lots money, these movies have relatively negative comment compare to the Marvel because they didn’t define these DC films’ character into a deeper way.


  1. This video essay edit and use many relative senses or video clips from the movies which closely connected to the narrate.
  2. It has a clear structure by comparing to the character from Marvel films’ character, and the whole video including the titles, quotes, images, or senses from other movies are totally supported to the theme.
  3. The tone that the author use to narrate sounds very comfortable and efficient without say a useless word. The video is pretty compact and the audiences are draw into it without feeling boring even the video is almost 12 minute long.


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