18/10/30 In class writing

After reading the response from Shen Yao, I find out something in common compared to my response. First of all, we both agree with the argument that┬átaking a variety of courses in college is “about learning to be a well-rounded student ready for anything in the workforce”. Both of us think that important fundamental knowledge like Math and writing skill are necessary for every student since we all need to use them every day in our life, especially in workplace. Shen Yao believe that the reason for half of students saying their higher education weren’t worth the cost is the debt issue, since most of them concern their future salary are not equal to the high tuition they paid for studying. However, I think the biggest reason why they didn’t think the higher education worth the cost is they had not taken part in experiences like an internship relevant to their studies or a long-term project. Once they have a chance to work at the real workplace I believe they will know that what they learn isn’t wasted, and those knowledge are pretty valuable not only in the workplace but also in other aspect of lives.

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