11/01/18 In class writing

After reading Shen Yao’s response about the video essay¬†“Global Digital Divide”, I find out that we both like the autheniticity of this essay which using the author’s own life experience as example to show the poor educational condition back in the 19s in China. Besides that, we both like the way that this video essay present itself to the audience by using images, picture slides, and short video. All these features make the essay looks pretty reliable, and narrating the author’s own experience makes the audiences feel like reading a true story that was happening in a small village of China years ago. However, something that I don’t really like about this essay is, it uses too much words in the last part, which can’t really give the audiences a clear picture to see what’s happening. In another word, they can’t visualize the content since there is not any picture or video in the last part of this essay.