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Refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her home country. People seeking to enter the U.S as refugees are processed overseas. As part of the process, they asked a series of questions, including their religious affiliation. When their application get approved, refugees travel to the U.S to be resettled by nonprofit groups. There are also places called asylum, which is the protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee. The UN decide the most vulnerable cases and refer them for resettlement. They immediately gets eliminated from the list if they have committed a violent crime. The UN only refers those whose life, liberty or health are at significant risk.

A lot of refugees choose the U.S to be the place for resettlement. This is because the U.S has a bigger number of acceptance, and the U.S already has all the ethnicities, so it is easier for refugees to fit in. In 2017, about 26,000 refugees lived in asylum.

One of the major issues refugees in the U.S face is the difficulty in learning the language. Since almost all of the refugees are from countries where people do not speak English, they have hard time adjusting to speaking English. The other problem refugees face is to raise their children. Since refugees are from other countries, it is hard for the parents to raise their children in a totally new culture. Moreover, they experience bullying and discrimination in school due to the cultural differences.


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