Santa Takahashi

Summary Practice

After reading about Velloso’s writing strategies, Yushan thinks there are three important parts to write a fine piece of writing. The first factor is to be brave to pick a topic. There is no right or wrong to the topic, the topic does not have to be popular, but it must exist. The second part is to pick the topic, Yushan claims choosing moments that altered author’s life is the most primary. The last one is to think of stories that would illustrate the points one is trying to make. Regarding the U.S being called “The melting pot”, Yushan thinks this is truth. In Yushan’s writing class, there are kids from different countries. They all have different cultures, but there is no divisions. Yushan adds on with an example, San Francisco having China town, Japan town, and Korean town. These towns show that people in the U.S enjoy these cultures.

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