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One of the potential topics for essay one is the story about the time when I decided to study abroad. The story takes us back to when I was in middle school. First year of middle school, I was really really in good shape. My academic record was above my parents’ expectation, and my advisor was telling me I would be able to attend one of the best high school in Tokyo. I was also popular among people in school. I thought I was cool, and I started to slack off gradually. By the time everyone start to think about their decision of high school, my record was nothing compared to one from first year. My GPA was 3 (equivalent to 2.5 gpa in the U.S), and I was hanging out with my friends everyday until the sun goes down. I kept on having meeting with my advisor with my parents , and my advisor told us that I would not be able to get into the school I wanted to go to. This is when I realized how much of a mess I was. When thinking about my potential new school, my parents thought it was their fault I was slacking off, because they took it too easy on me, so they were like “oh let’s put him in an all boys boarding school in Chiba.” (about two hours away from my house) My reaction to this suggestion was “Hell nooo. I am not going to all boys school.” Then my parents asked me if I wanna study abroad in the U.S, I was like oh that actually sounds good. At the time I was all about catching attention, so this suggestion really fitted my aspiration. Therefore, I decided to study abroad, but my parents did not let me pick where I want to go, so basically they sent me to Maine, where nothing fun exists. Now that I think about that time, I am pretty proud of myself having guts to go in the new environment. I should have been scared, but I was brave and outgoing.


  • I tend to use same words over and over, so have variety.
  • Talk about summer school experience
  • Some of the struggles I faced coming to U.S
  • Some of the memorable moments



first year middle school ( how I was good all around)

time when I was slacking (Kept on hanging out with my friends and not putting in work)

High School Decision( How I got told I can not make it to school I wanted to go)

My parents’ suggestion(Chiba or U.S)

summer school (Wyoming seminary)

high school



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