Feb 21

American Idioms

The first idiom that caught my attention on the website is “wet blanket”. Calling someone wet blanket means that  the person spoils other people’s fun. The slang can be used in a simple sentences like “He is such a wet blanket”, so it is easy to use in daily life, especially in college, where people meet all kinds of different people. The second term I liked is “eating someone”, this one means to bother someone. I thought this could be used often, because everyone gets bothered by someone, and saying “who’s eating you?” would be funny. The next idiom is a term that I actually have known, which is “call it a day”, this slang means to stop whatever one is doing. I have been using this idiom and it is pretty useful. One of the idioms I found odd is “going under the knife”, because it means to get medical operation. I thought it is kind of weird, because going under the knife sounds like someone is about to get injured or killed, but it really means to help someone survive. The last one I chose is “walking encyclopedia. This term could easily used in the United States. One of the things I noticed living in the States is people here has so much more knowledge whether if it is relevant or irrelevant.


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