March 28

Santa Takahashi

Rhet 106

March 28

As an international student in the U.S, I have taken a bunch of standardized tests prior to applying for schools. I am not a fan of tests, but I would rather take standardized test than other tests we take in college. Personally, I get really nervous when I do not know what to expect for tests. Although standardized tests have different types to it, they all are still categorized same and it is only questions that are different. The standardized tests I have taken were pretty easy to pick up. For high school application, I had to take TOEFL Jr and SLEP tests, these tests are for people who do not speak fluent English, so I just bought books that gives sample questions and I pretty much aced them. For College application, I had to take SAT, ACT, and TOEFL on top of that. TOEFL was much harder than TOEFL Jr or SLEP and I actually had to go to cram school while I was on break and take it a few times to get the score I wanted. SAT and ACT were such an struggle, because these tests are made for people that speak fluent English, and there are science and math section to it. I do not consider myself a good test taker. For standardized tests, I feel like all one needs to do is to study sample questions over and over. I used to be so nervous before I take the test and I get tired at the end, so I came up with an idea to buy energy drink beforehand and drink while break.


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