February 6 : Free Writing

  • parents from Korea and I’m born on America. writing about how the two cultures clash.
  • During my senior year of high school, I had the opportunity to travel to France with my school choir. We got the chance to sing in the different cathedrals. My favorite cathedral that we got to sing at the Notre Dame. It was such a beautiful moment that it I cried after our last song because this was my last time singing with this choir. Not only did we sing, but we got some leisure time to explore different cities. It was awesome seeing such a new environment. The people were incredibly nice, the food was amazing, but the drivers were not so friendly. It was very shocking to see the drivers in this country. The drivers seemed like they wanted to get to their destination as fast as possible without any interruptions. When we were crossing the street and it was the pedestrians right of way, they would still go and put the pedestrian in danger.


In Class Writing: Feb. 4

The main expectations for this assignments is getting the opportunity to explore our individual identity as a person representing diverse cultural, social, ethnic, and linguistic background. We can focus on a life story, important event in our life, visit to new places, peoples, and cultures to explore how these significant moments have shaped our understanding, cultural identity, and language learning experiences. This project seems like a very fun and creative way to do it. Challenges would be getting off topic and not getting to the main points. The two story levels are what the story is about and what it’s really about. Another can be not creative enough and having that mental block of how to explain my story my way. Trying to speak with a flow in my own way.

I agree that he was being racially profiled. Cadogan explains how he loves walking and even back at home he could not walk freely. In Kingston, he would have to follow the rules just so he is safe. Something similar to this would be the way women dress. A woman wearing something that shows their skin can get cat called and get many stares from people. Women are allowed to dress how they want, freely. But these comments and stares that surround them make them self conscious and worried. Just like Cadogan, he can not walk down a street with out people getting suspicion that he is up to no good when in reality he is just a normal human being like the rets of them. rt

Jan 30

After reading some responses from my peers, something similar ideas that I found about the David Brooks reading was that people agreed to us not being so diverse. The idea that Brooks brings up about how we tend to group that are similar to our background and identity. Having this habit does not quite bring diversity in America. I was able to relate to that too. After reading his idea about how America is reluctant to diversity, I realized that I myself do this too. Me being an Asian American tend to only hang out with Asian people. Brooks’ statement that many people state that they embrace diversity, but they are reluctant to take action on it and many peers seems to agree with this statement. So do I.  With “Hillbilly Elegy”, Vance growing up in a low income family, he was envious towards the “rich”. Vance later comes to a realization that these “rich” people found a way to rigged the welfare system. Vance having to work hard just to have food out on the table was such a struggle, and seeing these people use something that the low income need in a wrong way would obviously make Vance upset. I agree with some peers that this is not right to do and very unfair. Many people can be using this welfare system which can help out their families a lot, but the people that are using it so wrongfully are in the way. When reading Mia Sotak’s statement, she shares “My reaction to this piece is very similar to how J.D felt himself. Myself once being in the lower class and using food stamps for groceries, it is very easy to look around you and envy those who seem to have it so much better than you, and who feel that they are able to stereotype you and downgrade your class.” Mia shares a place she was once in her life and was able to relate to the author, John Vance, has been through. Reading this, I totally feel for her and her being brave enough to share something personal in her life.


Cultural Bloopers

  • wearing shoes indoor and taking them off
  • bowing to older people/ treating elderly with more respect.



My name is Rachel Hong. I was born in Los Angeles, but moved to La Canada when I was in the sixth grade. I graduated from La Canada High School. I am currently majoring in business management. When an opportunity of traveling comes up, I jump right in. I love to go on small road trips with my family and friends. My favorite place I visited would have to be France. I got an opportunity to go with my choir and be able to sing in different cathedrals. I also love music. I like to sing, though I am not good at it, and play on my ukulele during my free time. A fun fact is that I have a german shepherd that has about ten thousand followers on Instagram.

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