(11/8/2019) In Class Writing

After I see the essay 2 feedback, I think I need to improve my essay’s introduction and add more evidences to support my thesis, also I need to follow and show the essay requirement. In the future I think I need to more focus on these problem, and I should check my essay every time after finish writing.

(10/28/2019) In class writing

     The response that I read is Kristamps Wong. His response talks about video composing is in the new media age. He think author main ideas is tells people to using the multiple modes to complete videos essay.  The content is not most important part, but editted video will shows the perfect actions for audience. Also, he said the author gives people some problems that we possible will meet. Adding backgrond music and funny picture has interested audience. Video essay is not only presentation a essay, is more like videos that peoples like. In the end he said he personally essay context in videos essay will put 40 percent on it ,and 60 percent will focus on videos reflection. The samiliarity is we both think video editing is very important, difference is he think essay content is not important. But I think video essay content is also important as editing.


Activity 1:
For a long time, my stepson, Jonathan, was unhappy to have me as part of his family, for
he resents that he didn’t have both biological parents at home. I try to get to know him
better, but he would complain that I invade his privacy. As a newcomer, I understood that
our relationship will require effort from both of us. It is not enough that I was friendly.
Jonathan also has to want us to be friends, and I was not happy with the two of us being
strangers, but I can wait for him to feel more comfortable around me.
Activity 2:
Anne Marie collects antique bottles and loved to turn them into works of art. She will buy
bottles if she liked them, but she prefers to find them in the ground. She will find bottles
everywhere, but she picked them selectively. However, she has the best luck at
construction sites on old farmland, where she spent most of her time. Often, bottles
appeared on the surface after a good rain, but they disappear very soon. She will use
special tools for excavating bottles, including a set of brushes. She did not want to break
the bottles as she removes them from the ground. After finding a new bottle, Anne Marie
will add it to her display case and hung on the wall as an artistic piece (Mangelsdorf,
2013, p. 411).


After I read essay assignment prompt in Canvas, I find out 3 main requirement are essay must be 3-4 mins. Multimodal text should include editing. The last one is require to write a transcript with a clear outline and text to create a narrative in the video. The three textures, first is help writer to do multimodal project on the topics that they will be deeply invested in. Second is analysis and use at least three resources. Third is Begin to use some audio/video editing tools to explore how various modes of writing are used for effective communication across academic disciplines.

(10/16) ParallelStructure

1. My dog is not only friendly and playful.
2. We can go to the parking or dancing.
3. Jeremy likes to read historical, realistical and speculative fiction.
4. When I went to the bar, I want to dancing, drinking and punching on the rowdy faces.
5. Buying a car is not a decision to take lightly or carelesslly.
6. Tyler is for the legalization of marijuana.
7. Sally needs a new stove, a dishwasher and a set of knives for her kitchen.
8. My first grade teacher taught me how to write, read and play tic-tac-toe.
9. She will not admit it, nor will apologizing.
10. The whole wheat pasta is better than enriched wheat pasta.
11. Literature classes teach students to analyze text, think critically, and improve writing.
12. Beets are just as nutrient rich as rutabagas even though they are not in season.
13. Drunk drivers are thoughtlessly taking the lives of other people in their own hands, risking their own lives, thinking only about their own pleasure and fun, and not consider the consequences of their actions.
14. In order to convey the information correctly, the police officer spoke loudly to the crowd, tell people where they should stand, repeated the information to help people remember, and gesture.

10/11/2019 class writing

China parade 2019 twitter

China kicked off an enormous military parade in Beijing on Tuesday to commemorate 70 years of Communist Party rule and celebrate the country’s emergence as a global power. The parade — which included 100,000 performers, 15,000 goose-stepping soldiers and an array of heavy-duty weaponry — began in Tiananmen Square and was among the largest in modern Chinese history. “The Chinese nation advanced along the grand road toward achieving its great rejuvenation,” the country’s top leader, Xi Jinping, told a crowd that included dignitaries, party members and foreign journalists before the parade started. He spoke from the Gate of Heavenly Peace, where Mao Zedong founded the People’s Republic of China on Oct. 1, 1949. Continue reading

(9/27) Marco Luo, Sam Zhang, Will

A wise old gentlemen retired and bought a home near a Middle School who mostly spent his summers in his cottage.  Then the school year begins, and his peace and quite came to a sudden halt.

On the first day of school, three boys came down. The alley beating merrily on every trash can they see, and the same thing happens the next day and the next, and the noise started driving the wise old man crazy. Time for action.

The next afternoon he stops the drummers as they banged their way down the street. He says, “You kids are a lot of fun! I love hearing your drumming, because it is so cheerful, and it reminds me of what I use to do at your age, will you do me a favor?”

The boys looked at him suspiciously. “What?” they ask. “I’ll give you a dollar if you promise to come around every single day ,and keep beating on those trash cans,” said the man.

The boys was thrilled. Everyday they pounded on trash cans and collected a dollar.

After about a week, the wise old man stops the boys again and this time he looked a little bit sad, I still love you’re drumming, he said to the boys. However I’m afraid spending a dollar a day is hard on me, I’am on a fixed income. From now on, I’m only going to be able to pay you 50 sense to beat on the cans.

The boys weren’t too happy, but they decided to except 50 cents a day, and they continued beating on all the trash cans. After another week the clever old man stopped the boys again. “I’ve got more bad news,” he said. “My Social Security check hasn’t come yet, so I’m not going to be able to give you more than 25 cents a day. Is that all right”

“Are you kidding?” said one of the boys. “We’re not going to waste our time beating on those trash cans for only a lousy quarter! We quit!

The wise old man smiled and enjoyed his peace and quiet.

(9/25) class writing

The video is talk about quote sandwich. Introduce, quote and analyze. Then I find a argument article named evaluating arguments about sports and entertainment. Author is Bow, James. It is about sports or entertainment which one is better for children. Both of them give a strong supporting details. Author used lots of fact to support each sides, and the quotation is one of the method that support his ideas. This article source is Best books for kids and Teens, published on Mar 22, 2019.

(9/9) DALN

The Literacy narrative that I read is teaching or understand, author is Avery Field. Author think literacy is defined as the ability to read and write, and competence or knowledge in a specified area. Schools do not adequately focus on the general understanding of material and instead focus solely on students receiving good grades simply through studying to memorize information. Author saw many people simply try to memorize information in order to obtain the best grade on a certain test because that is what they think will make them successful. Author thought her own experience and say there is a need for more than just memorizing, one cannot find success in life just by cutting corners because sooner or later life is really going to test you in a way that will not be manageable to pass by memorizing information. Learning, becoming proficient, and being able to apply this literacy to life is what will make one successful. Schools need to find ways to test that will examine the knowledge that each individual student has, and not analyze their ability to memorize information. The basic definition that people understand is that literacy relates to the ability to read and write, but there is more to this definition than meets the eye. The competence and knowledge aspect of the definition are crucial and this literacy is something that people lack, and will continue to lack if things do not begin to change. What I like is author’s interesting ideas, she think understand better than know is really helpful to me to do my audio essay.