Oct 22 Class WRITING

Ori Chris Ruki


___N__ 1. Kyoko needs to write a report on American politics. She looks up Barack Obama in Wikipedia and discovers he is the 44th president of the United States. She includes this information in her report but doesn’t mention Wikipedia.

Kyoko used facts. So it is not.

___Y__2. Tam is writing a paper on a novel for his English class. Since the whole class is reading the same book, he doesn’t need to use a citation.

Because Tam didn’t cite, when he wrote a paper on someone else’s novel. Even though when everybody reads, he still needst to use the citation.

___N__3. Sugi wrote a paper for his European history class last semester and got an A on the paper. This semester, his Political Science class is addressing some of the same issues that are in his History paper. He checks with his professor first who agrees with Sugi, so he uses the material from his History paper.

He use his own paper, so it’s not padrarism. 

___Y__4. Ramiro, Stephan, April, and Chris are working on a group project. Chris submits his work and the others suspect that some of it came from the Internet, but it sounds good, so they submit it.

They are copying Chris’ work on the interenet without cute it.

___Y__5. Maria finds a lot of good information for her paper on the Internet. She carefully changes the wording and prepares a good paraphrase. She doesn’t copy anything verbatim.

Information is also belongs to someone else.


__Y___1. You clearly identify the source at the beginning of a paragraph that summarizes the author’s ideas about teenage drinking. Since readers will naturally assume all of the ideas in the paragraph are from the source, no additional citation is necessary.

Even though you identify the source, still have to cite the source when you use it.

__N___2. In your paper on the history of aviation you state the date of the Wright brothers’ first successful flight at Kitty Hawk.

This is the fact, date does irnecessary to be cited.

___N__3. In a paper on the civil rights movement you find some general, well-known background information in an encyclopedia. It is obviously common knowledge, so you copy the information and include it in your paper.

It is gennally well common knowledge.

___N__4. You ask your mother about the steps she went through in obtaining a bank load for a new car. You include this information in your paper.

Because you are just taking notes for yourslef.

___N__5. You skim a 325-page book entitled Using the Internet. A major theme throughout the book is that the Internet is an important technological achievement. You include this in your paper.

It is so general. A lot of people awaring this fact.

__Y___6. You find an article that takes the same position you have taken on the subject of gun control. To save time you summarize in your paper a portion of the argument from the article, since the author’s ideas are identical to your own.

You summarize some argument from other people still need citation.

Sept 30 Free Writing

I was looking for an artice about Chinese children’s idols are video game stars, not Messi or Ronald. In the article, the author mentions about the phenomenon of Chinese kids using electronic stuff and showed the disadvantage of the law for under18 teenagers for playing video games. On the otherside the Chinese E-sport is quickly rising up.

Seot 23 class writing

In Lacrosse: Technique and Tradition, David Pietramala shows that “Hopkins is looks for great athelates have speed, quickness, agility, size, strength, and also intangable qualities including sportsmansship, leadership and character.” For those tangiable qualities it is directly perceived through the scence to see the player’s talents and skills. But the intangable qualities are as important as the tangiable qualities. For my personal experience, I joined the Lacrosse oof my high-school was because my leardership. In the team sports game especially for sports like lacrosse including 10 players on for each side, teamwork is the most important point to win the game. I was recruited in the team because the coach wanted me to condesation the whole team.

David Pietramala (2016). Lacrosse: technique and tradition.

Sept 17 Class work

Ruki Zhao;Feng Lin;Jie Shi


A man from the city came to visit a small farm,and he saw a farmer feeding pigs in a very strange way. The farmer would lift a pig up to a nearby apple tree, so the pig would eat the apples directly off the tree. The farmer would move the pig from one apple to another until the pig was full, and then he would start again with another pig.

The man from the city was pretty puzzled, so he watched for quiet a while, and finally said, “What a strange way to feed pigs! It’s a waste of time! You could save a whole lot of time if you just shook the apples off the tree and let the pigs eat them from the ground!” The farmer looked puzzled and replied, “What’s time to a pig?”

A young man was waiting in line at the bank.He developed a loud case of hiccups and got worse and worse. By the time he got to the teller’s window,but  he couldn’t hardly talk, so he handed the teller his check to cash.

The teller tapped numbers into the computer. In a moment she looked up and frown. “I can’t cash your check.” she said.

The man was shocked. “Why not?” he asked.

“The computer indicates you do not have sufficient funds to cover this amount.” she said. “In fact our records show that your account is overdrawn by more than $5000.00.”

“It can’t be!” cried the man. “You’ve got to be kidding!”

“You’re right. I am.” she smiled. She started counting out his cash. “You will notice that your hiccups are gone, though!”

Source: M. S. Samston (2005)

In Class Writting Sept2

I read Zhiheng’s response, for his response we have same idea on using perspnal experience to improve an authoritative ethos so that the audience will give me more trust.

And I respect to him about metioned “think what happened around us”, I feel only after we think than we can have more points to argue about that perticular thing.

Free writing Aug 31

The most legendary thing happened to me is my school mates who are also my teammates won the champion of lacrosse with me. I was the manager of the team, and that one last game was exciting and nervous.

I wanted to describe as much detailed as I can with my memorization of that game. Also metion about some grow ups for some special players in our team. What happened at the second we won the game. Maybe the reason I joined the team.

Some feeling of winning that game, it was very important for me. Finally I did something for the team, and for some of them my appear encouraged them, and it is a perfect ending for my high school life.

Meaning of name

My name is Ruki, as I metioned a lot of times. I name myself Ruki, because it sounds close to my Chinese name, Luji路汲. But before this name, Nathan was my English name I used for my whole middle school and high school.

To my Chinese name Luji. Lu路 means road, Ji汲 means get things from others. My parents wanted me get experience from things on my way to grow up. And I got a story for my English name too.

For a Chinese to make a English name it is very tricky. I still remember the first time during primary school my English teacher asked me do I have an English name? What is it? I said my English name was Superman just because I wanted to be special, I didn’t want to have a same name with any other people. Unfortunately, my English teacher told me that Superman isn’t a name, so I asked my parents what should I name myself. My parents asked my cousin who was borned in Canada and lived there for five years. She said that I should name myself Nathan, I didn’t like that name but I have to use it.

Everytime I told others my name is Nathan, I feel shame. It is not creative and special, it is meanless. In short, Nathan is not cool! I tried to find a speical name for myself a lot of times, but none of them made me feel it fit for me. Till my senior year during high school, a lot of people whatever from China or America, they all said that the pronounce of my Chinese name souds good. So I thought maybe I can name myself with a close pronounce to my Chinese name. Then I started use the name Ruki, I had this name behind my hoodie and everybody started call me Ruki, I feel good not only because it made me feel different, but also ruki(rookie) is unobtrusive.


Writting introduction

Hi! My name is Ruki Zhao. I name myself Ruki because it sounds close to my Chinese name. I am USF2023 also in sociology major.

Shanghai is where I born and grow up. It is modern city which also recorded a lot of my memoryies during my life before fifteen. I came to the US right after I finished my middle-school, and I stayed in Maryland for 4 years during my high-school life. I was the manager for the lacrosse in my high-school and we won the champion in the senior year.

I am a member of CSSA, which is a club of Chinese students. My job in the club is helping new Chinese students get to know USF well.

My hoobies are hanging out with my friends and playing video games at home. I like those because it won’t make me feel alone. I play basketball with my friends at least onece a week and usually after that, we have go have some beers and snacks.

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