Alumni Spotlight: Heather Beasley – Master of Arts in Teaching

Heather Beasley, Master of Arts in Teaching Alumni

Heather Beasley, Master of Arts in Teaching Alumni

University of San Francisco Sacramento Campus asked Heather Beasley, Master of Arts in Teaching Alumni of 2015, to be our next Alumni spotlight! We are honored to feature Heather and we hope you enjoy hearing about her USF experience!

Tell us about yourself, what degree you earned, and what you have been doing since you graduated?

I went back to school in 2013 to begin a new career in education. In 2015, I graduated alongside my fantastic cohort with a teaching credential and Master of Arts in Teaching. Immediately after graduation, I took on a long term substitute position with a charter school teaching 5th grade. Then last year I transferred to a public school in Plumas Lake, California teaching 3rd grade.

How has your USF degree helped you in your career and life?

So much of what I use everyday in the classroom stems from what we read and discussed in class as well as the culminating projects. One project that comes to mind is the development of a unit of study which was required to integrate cross-discipline curriculum and align with Common Core State Standards (CCSS). My 8th grade unit was on immigration and had the students pull archives from Ellis Island to create a final project to display in our own museum of immigration.    Continue Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Kristi Kline, Licensed Marriage Family Counselor (LMFT), Marriage and Family Counselor (MFC)

Kristi Kline, USF Sacramento MFT graduate

Kristi Kline, USF Sacramento MFT graduate is the Director of Psychological Services for Sierra Vista Hospital.

We had the opportunity to sit down and interview Kristi Kline, USF Sacramento MFT graduate. Kristi does a lot for her hospital and is very busy, so we were thrilled that she took the time to speak with us!

After earning her bachelor degree from University of California Santa Barbara, Kristi Kline attended an information meeting at the USF Sacramento Campus seeking to join the MFT program. Kristi felt the environment of the Sacramento Campus was warm and inviting. The MFT program sounded like a convenient way to get a masters degree. Continue Reading