Jamie Tactay – MFT Graduate Spotlight

Jamie Tactay, MFT Graduate

Jamie Tactay, MFT Graduate

Tell us about yourself and what you have been doing since you graduated?

I graduated from USF in 2015 with a degree in MA Counseling Psychology-Marriage and Family Therapy. I am currently busy working as a Case Manager for a local psychiatric hospital while trying to gain the hours necessary to obtain my license as a therapist. Once in a while, I visit the USF-Sacramento campus to speak with prospective students, which I feel incredibly honored to do. USF introduced me to diverse ideas that I would not have been able to grasp without the guidance of the amazing people I have encountered in the program such as the professors and fellow students. These ideas prepared me to work with my patients and their complex dispositions. For instance, I learned how to effectively approach people who are in imminent crisis by utilizing my knowledge about their culture, changing my posture and managing my speech (tone) to provide a calming atmosphere. Continue Reading

Faculty Spotlight: Mel Lewis – MFT

Mel Lewis, MFT Faculty

Mel Lewis, MFT Faculty

Tell us about yourself and how you came to this position?

I was born in a small fishing village on the island nation of Trinidad & Tobago. The island is extremely culturally diverse; so much so, I would leave my home every morning from a Christian household, interact with Hindu neighbors to attend a Muslim school. These childhood experiences helped form a trustworthy compass that has been extremely beneficial, as I had to grapple with complex social issues and adversities. Consequently, I gained a deep respect and sense of value for life long learning and teaching. I completed my undergraduate education on the East Coast, served over two decades in the United States Air Force, followed by twelve years as a School Administrator in northern California. My aspirations of understanding and mitigating the effects of intergenerational transmission of trauma among refugees and immigrant groups led to a doctoral degree in clinical psychology (PsyD). In my current work as a psychologist at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, I see the existence of an enormous volume of underserved clients and a further need for strong mental health clinicians. As a result, I aspire to help in the development of my future colleagues. It is my pleasure and privilege to teach in the MFT program at USF. Continue Reading

New Interim MFT Academic Advisor

Bowbay Feng

Bowbay Liang-Hua Feng is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Berkeley. She has worked in community mental health, with elders, children and survivors of trauma.  She received her M.A. from The Wright Institute and her B.A. in Religion and International Relations from Smith College. She comes from a multicultural background and has traveled and lived internationally.

She incorporates multicultural awareness and issues of diversity in teaching and practice. She brings over 20 years of experience in mindfulness, meditation and martial arts. Bowbay is client-centered. She has a practice built on collaborative self-empowerment and helping people through trauma, transitions, relationships, stress, and quality of life issues.  Bowbay uses an integrative approach and is trained in EMDR, Mindfulness and DBT. In addition to her work at USF, she has also worked as an adjunct professor at The Wright Institute in the Counseling Psychology Masters Program, and has presented at conferences and facilitated multiple groups and classes.


USF Sacramento MFT Traineeship Fair

USF Sacramento held its annual MFT Traineeship Fair on January 22, 2016. Traineeship Fair encourages students to explore various behavioral health agencies through which they may earn their required hours. Agencies have a chance to “interview” potential trainees while our students have the chance to uncover the various opportunities within the community. We would like to thank all of the agencies for coming out and supporting our students!

Alumni Spotlight: Kristi Kline, Licensed Marriage Family Counselor (LMFT), Marriage and Family Counselor (MFC)

Kristi Kline, USF Sacramento MFT graduate

Kristi Kline, USF Sacramento MFT graduate is the Director of Psychological Services for Sierra Vista Hospital.

We had the opportunity to sit down and interview Kristi Kline, USF Sacramento MFT graduate. Kristi does a lot for her hospital and is very busy, so we were thrilled that she took the time to speak with us!

After earning her bachelor degree from University of California Santa Barbara, Kristi Kline attended an information meeting at the USF Sacramento Campus seeking to join the MFT program. Kristi felt the environment of the Sacramento Campus was warm and inviting. The MFT program sounded like a convenient way to get a masters degree. Continue Reading