September 2: In class writing

In Ruby’s response to the reading, she talked about how even if two people do not have the same opinion on a topic they can both be correct. For example, she talked about how she doesn’t like fox news but some people might, and that’s okay. as long as they both have the information and resources to back up why they do or don’t like it they are both trustworthy speakers. I agree with this but in my response, I talked more about how you could get people to trust you as a speaker and Ruby talked more about how she felt about the topic as a whole. Overall I think we both had interesting points and even if we didn’t write the same thing we both understood the article and had the same ideas afterward.


link to work from adobe:

August 31 Free writing


Some things I could write about are my diabetes, being a lesbian, and being biracial. If it walked about my diabetes I could tell the story of how I was diagnosed and if I talked about my sexuality I could talk about Izzy and our friendship that turned into a relationship. I could also talk about growing up with a black mom and an Italian father and how that impacted me. I think that the story of my diabetes is very interesting because not a lot of people have diabetes and it could be educational for some people. I also feel like my diabetes has had a big impact on me and my life. I could also talk about moving around to lots of different places as a kid and how that impacted my mindset on life. I have learned a lot from that and it has made me into the person I am today.


outline: Moving around a lot as a kid and being able to go to Europe on vacations

Start out with explaining where my parents are from and that I was born in DC.

Then I could talk about Italy and being able to live there.

I could also talk about how I went back to visit last summer and now I want to do a semester abroad

Then I can talk about moving to Emeryville and how living in the bay area as a child made me want to come back for school and hopefully live there as an adult.

August 26, 2020 In class writing

Group: Sabrina Cha, Sahara Estinto, and  Valyntina Thomas

The article we read was about Nikki Haley who was trying to prove that America is not a racist country. While doing this she actually proved the opposite. Haley’s purpose of the argument was trying to defend America from being seen only racist because in her eyes America has grown so much from when her parents first moved here when she was a child and has continued to be a work in progress. However by saying the country is a work in progress she is proving the point that America is still racist and there still is a problem.


Meaning of Name

My full name is Sahara Estinto. My first name is, of course, like the desert which is what I tell people when they ask me what my name is. I’m not sure why my parents picked my first name other than the fact that it was “pretty”. My last name however has a bit more of a story to it. So my dad was born and raised in Naples, Italy, and moved to the United States when he was 14. Because he lived in Italy his last name is Italian. Estinto is the word for extinct in Italian and there is a whole story about why his last name is Estinto and I loved to hear it as a kid.

I used to be embarrassed about my name when I was younger because people used to mess it up a lot. I have been called Sarah, Sasha, Savannah, and many more. As much as this used to bother me it doesn’t anymore. I really like my name and as long as I correct people when they mess up then I don’t mind people having trouble with it. I kind of like that people have trouble with it because it means I am unique and my name is unique to me.


My name is Sahara Estinto. My pronouns are She/Her/Hers. I live in Bethesda, Maryland, which is really close to DC so I love to go there whenever I am able to. I used to live in Emeryville which is in between Berkeley and Oakland, California. Some of my hobbies include anything that has to do with art or creativity. I also did cheer in high school along with gymnastics. I am mixed, my dad is from Italy and my mom is African American and grew up in Pennsylvania. I am also a Type 1 diabetic which is annoying at times but in the grand scheme of things has helped shape me into the person I am today.

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