February 5, 2018

Summary of Brandi Chang’s Discussion:

After reading Brandi Chang’s post on the February 5th discussion about Garnette Cadogan’s essay, “Black and Blue”, and “Scenes and Un-Scenes: Class Dismissed,” Chang argues that minorities, such as people of color, are faced with racial discrimination and stereotyping when living in the United States, and that the topic of social class is not widely discussed.  After realizing how recent these essays have been written, she realizes that the United States is too stubborn to accept diversity.  She states that about a year ago, more light has come through about this type of injustice and I agree with her that more needs to be done to stop this type of racial profiling. I agree with her statement that there are people in the U.S. still being treated less than others. In addition, she also argues that the U.S. doesn’t bring up the topic of social class and other pressing issues because we are more focused on entertainment and consumerism.

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