February 7, 2018

Essay 1 Discussion

The main expectations that this assignment has is to create an audio essay that talks about our experiences facing cultural, racial, and language identities. It is also a way to let others learn about our past experiences. Creating an audio essay will strengthen our understanding of digital tools and compare it to written text. The strengths I have about such composing process include being able to edit my audio essay because I have experience in some audio tools and programs. Another strength includes being able to talk about my life and culture because that is something that I am familiar with. The challenges that I may face when creating this audio essay is maintaining the attention of the listeners, finding a particular soundscape that has influenced my life, and being comfortable with listening to my voice. I plan to address these challenges by creating a dramatized structure through my dialogue so listeners are more engaged, dig deeper into my past to find a familiar soundscape that resonates with me, and practice my public speaking skills so that I am more comfortable with my voice. This is the first time I have done an audio essay and I am excited to know how this will enhance my learning.


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