February 12, 2018

Audio Essay Pitch

My story is about the environment I grew up in and how it is different from San Francisco. My story will begin with my daily life back in my hometown. Talking about what I did in the morning before school. I will talk about what the area looks like where I live, then mention that I live in Hawaii on the Island of Molokai. I will describe what Molokai looks like and how it is full of beautiful beaches. I will also mention facts about the island such as the story of Kalaupapa, how there is only one public high school on the island, and the population is 7000.

My story will also include the activities  I do in my hometown, which is different from the norms done in San Francisco. Some of the activities include dancing hula, working in the taro patches, hunting deer, hiking waterfalls, spearing fish, and body boarding. I will also talk about the popular music we listen to, the different foods we eat, and how we embrace family. This will provide the listeners with a cultural understanding of where I grew up in. Then I will transition my experience of leaving home and coming to San Francisco and how different the environment is. I will conclude with talking about how grateful I am to grow up on Molokai.

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