International Student Forum Report

On February 22, I attended the International Student Forum hosted by Professor Lamsal. In this forum, three students from three different backgrounds expressed their experiences of being an international multilingual student at the University of San Francisco. The international students talked about their perspectives on topics such as what were the challenges they encountered, how they were able to adjust to the American culture, and why they chose to come to USF. They also discussed the issues international undergrad and grad students are facing which was very helpful for everyone, including other international students, domestic students, and the professors at USF. The three students gave the audience ways to combat those challenges such as engaging and finding a common ground with the international students and helping them in classes, because for some of the international students it may be a culture shock to come to the United States. I found their experiences and the differences between their country and USF to be intriguing. I enjoy learning and understanding about the different cultures. After the event, I learned that many international students are facing the same challenges and I respond to this by knowing that there are ways we can support the international students academically and culturally at USF.  

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