April 18, 2018

After doing research on issues of eviction and homelessness in my hometown, I found little information on the town I live in. Instead, I did research on the city as a whole. Hawaii is among the states with the highest rates of homelessness.  More than 50 out of every 10,000 Hawaii residents are homeless. The growing number of homelessness is causing officials to evict them off sidewalks and streets, which is a problem because they move and group to other places around the city. Hawaii has also a high percentage of people that rent their homes. This is a problem because Hawaii’s rent is increasing and it is the 11-highest among cities across the nation. The median rent for a one-bedroom in Honolulu is now $1,750.  That’s up about 2.9 percent since 2015. The research I found is similar to the ideas in “Home and Hope” because the people who live in neighborhoods who spend more of their income on rent had higher eviction rates than those who don’t.

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