April 25, 2018

After reflecting on my family’s experiences of work, I understand that there is a relationship between work and intelligence¬†or social class. For example, my parent works at a store that sells fresh produces. At the storefront you see the fresh fruits and vegetables laid out, but how they got there was through many workers going out to the field to pick the foods. This is a demanding job because the store delivers to consumers and so certain food items must be correctly placed in certain boxes. There may be some issues such as working out in the sun picking foods, but from what I notice, the workers are treated equally. Most of the workers there are older and some come from families with low-income, but it doesn’t affect how they are treated. ¬†They are treated equally because their work environment is near the storefront. So the public is able to see them work and the customers are encouraged to come out to the field to help pick the fruits and vegetables. Because the customers see the work environment, the business provides the workers with a decent work condition.

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