April 30, 2018

In-Class Writing

After doing research I found an article that is relevant to my topic for essay¬†4. White-collar work and blue-collar work is reshaping the way we think about their specific skills. According to the article “Managing White-Collar Work: An Operations-Oriented Survey,” by Hopp in 2009, he defines white-collar work as “salaried office workers” or “non-manual laborers”(Hopp, 2009, p. 2). They characterize white collar work as the “management” type and blue-collar work as “machining”(Hopp, 2009, p. 2). “White-collar tasks involve significant use of knowledge in generating ideas, process, and solutions, while blue-collar tasks consist primarily of physical transformation”(Hopp, 2009, p. 2). This article characterizes the stereotypes given to being a white-collar worker and a blue-collar worker.


Hopp, W. J., Iravani, S. R., & Liu, F. (2009). Managing White-Collar Work: An Operations-Oriented Survey. Production & Operations Management, 18(1), 1-32. doi:10.1111/j.1937-5956.2009.01002.x

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