March 31 In-Class Writing

Group discussion, members: Sara Makkouk, Rachel Hong, Parker Williams

After re-reading a short section of Navneet Alang’s essay, we all seem to agree with her statements. We think that although communication through social media can be rigid, it still allows people to express whatever they wish to reveal about themselves, without being interrupted. We also discussed an idea we all realized on social media, which is that online social platforms allow people to represent themselves as the type of person they wish to be, rather than the type of person they truly are. For example, most social profiles display positive images, when we all know that people are not happy 24/7. This idea can also be seen in the way most people are coping with the COVID-19 crisis and social distancing; Many are making jokes about it, potentially to create a sense of hope among the community, a sense that may not be existent, but that they wish to give rise to.

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