Shelter in Place part 1

March 18, 2020

Location: Hayward, altitude: 37.668819, longitude is -122.080795 and approximate elevation: 105’


    • Topography: The area is flat with no slopes or hills not even slight elevations around.
    • General Habitat: normal suburban neighborhood since we’re in isolation and they won’t let me out of the house.
  • List at least 5 different species seen on the hike.
  1. Clematis (purple)

2. Aeonium arboreum

3. Coleonema pulchellum

4. Rosa ‘Ingrid Bergman’

5. Magnolia liliiflora

Narrative: I left in the middle of the afternoon to have a walk with my two good boys. We can’t go far from home due to the whole coronavirus outbreak, so it was nice. The weather was sunny with a little breeze. I had noticed that my neighbors all had different plants according to the style of their gardens before so it was nice to get a look at some of the flowers.


Animal: Common Opossum

Small marsupial about 1-2 feet long (counting the tail), seemed to be juvenile. Had a medium fur coat that was black, grey, and white pattern. Was running along a fence, about a block from my house, when we came up. Opossum are common in the area since I’ve seen a couple. Then ran away from my dogs, who are barking, while hissing at them.

Additional information for mammal:

  • they are marsupials, so have a pouch in which they carry their babies until they are ready to be on their own
  • Native to the Americas and can inhabit a wide range of different habitats
  • Short lifespan: 2 years in the wild, 4 in captivity

(information from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo)

Here’s a pic of my bois:

  Gurgi and Osito


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  1. Hi Scarleth- Nicely done. Cute pups. I love the pictures and the species desriptions.

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