Sign of Spring in Isolation

March 24, 2020

Location: Hayward, altitude: 37.668819, longitude is -122.080795 and approximate elevation: 105’


  (none due to current location being home)

    • Topography: The area is flat with no slopes or hills not even slight elevations around.
    • General Habitat: normal suburban neighborhood since we’re in isolation and they won’t let me out of the house.

3 signs of spring:

  • the flowers on the lemon and peach trees are beginning to bloom and some even starting to fall off to make way for the fruit.
  • It rains constantly for a bit and then the sun returns. It’s an ongoing patter that I actually enjoy.
  • Little birds from around the bushes can be heard signing, meaning that their eggs have hatched.

3-5 leaf descriptions: 



Nectarine Leaf

Prunus persica “Nectarine” is a type of peach tree. The leafs are light green and in the picture you can see that the flower petals have fallen off. This means that fruit will soon begin to grow. The leafs are elongated and pretreating from all of the branched on the tree. The leaf is perfectly healthy as there is no curve to it. Eventually during the fall these will turn yellow and fall off leaving the tree in twigs once again, until the next spring.

Limequat Leaf

This is a Citrus hybrid that produces lemons that are juicy enough to squeeze, they have semi-thin cuticle so cutting in to them is fairly easy. The leaf is elongated and green, they are longer in width and shorter in length than that of the Nectarine leaf. The leaf is healthy as there are not bus on them besides the casual spider which is normal during this season.






Rosemary Leaf (Salvia rosmarinus)

These leafs belong to a spice that is commonly used when cooking. The leaves are fairly small and elongated, along with being extremely thin. However, they are not thin as grass. The leafs rest on the stems which are sturdy. They are healthy in this picture.


*was notified it was a new addition to my garden 🙂



Banana Passionfruit Leaf

also known as Passiflora tarminiana, is a type of plant that produces this yellow fruit. The flowers are beautiful with a pink hue to them. Personally don’t enjoy the taste but my family loves to make it into smoothies. The leaf for this is a little different than the average plant. It has three tips extending from the base of the leaf. There are more accentuated lines that go sideways from the basic one in the middle. Also

Would not recommend planting since plant wraps around EVERYTHING it touches.

Spearmint Leaf (Mentha spicata)

These leafs have a more round appearance to them. They are green and the the lines are clearly visible that extend from the main one in the middle. These leafs are also more fuzzy compared to the other ones which feel almost waxy. Leaf is good on drinks or food depending on what you’re craving.





These were taken after the weather cleared up in my back yard, there was only the two doggies around. The birds were heard singing around the bushes that were on the other side of the trees. I discovered that I had rosemary and spearmint in the backyard.


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