March 24 In Class

For my personal life, I think that my family’s social class and culture really improved my learning. Because of my culture I was more prone to study harder. It is a norm in my culture that we should excel in school. This lead me to preform very well in school because of the culture pressure. Additionally my culture really values education so I was able to see that value and it made me enjoy school rather than hate it. In terms of my social class, it helped me because I could afford resources to support me in learning. For me education was easy because my family could afford additional resources such as tutors or classes to help me do well on exams. For example, being able to go to SAT prep really allowed me to do well on the exam. It was because I got that extra help. Also my family affording to send to a school with a lot of resources helped as well. USF is one of those schools that has a lot of resources due to the high tuition, but with these resources I am able to learn and do well in school with the support from the schools learning resources.


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