March 31 In-Class Writing

Mia, Caitlin and Sebastien

Our interpretation of Navneet’s quote is that people not only are using the internet as a vital source of coping, but also we use technology and the internet to feel “heard” even though we know we might not get responses. Sometimes instead of actually wanting to hear a response and get advice from an actual person, we just need to vent our thoughts. By doing this on the internet, we automatically gain a sense of comfort and protection. We can agree that in some instances, by posting on the internet, we can feel apprehended and heard like Navneet is saying. For example, for some people posting on Instagram, it doesn’t matter who likes and comments on it, but we enjoy posting something knowing that our followers will see it and read it. Some of us treat it as an online journal by posting funny things, our thoughts, or our daily activities hoping that someone will see it and find it intriguing.   

Every time we open our computer, we are flooded with news articles, notifications, and popups about coronavirus. While the news has been very informative and helpful at times, it has become overkill and seems to be taking a toll on our mental health. It isn’t helping us get through this any faster. Although, a way that a lot of us have been coping is through FaceTime video. Through Facetime, we have been able to catch up with family members and at least see their faces. This is a bit more comforting than just hearing their voices or texting them. 

Another way which the internet has acted towards the virus is by using social media to target the younger generation. Through different promotions and food drives, there are various community outreaches taking places for people who are unable to get food during this time, or who may have become unemployed. Because social media is such a huge part of the younger generations lives, people know that promotions and donation postings will spread very quickly. Also, celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have posted their own videos expressing their concern for the virus, and reminding people to stay inside. This especially targeted the younger generation who look up to celebrities and Kylie Jenner, and might listen to her advice. 


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