Blog 7 Facebook Page

I created a facebook page about Diabetes. I wanted to make awareness on this topic because I haven’t talked about diabetes in any of my other blog posts yet and I also believe that many people do not realize the consequences of having uncontrolled blood sugar. When people think diabetes, they just think it is ‘high blood sugar”. But do they understand what high sugar can do your body? There are many consequences such as ketoacidosis, coma, neuropathy, retinopathy, kidney damage, feet amputation, cardiomyopathy, and much more. These are just some examples of the possible consequences of uncontrolled blood sugar levels can lead to. I attached five videos which I found will be very helpful in teaching my audience. A video about what is diabetes and the different types. Another video about the consequences that can occur from this disease if it is not controlled. A couple videos about how to treat diabetes and what food to avoid. And lastly, the video I wanted to include was a nursing teaching video on diabetes which is a great learning tool for anyone who has question about this disease.

Facebook page:

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Blog Post 6: Instagram

For this week I am going to make an Instagram account for something I am actually pretty passionate about and have a lot of interest in. These are some the pages I follow myself on Instagram to help motivate me to eat healthy and work out to live a healthy lifestyle. I find it super ironic that the Unites States is apparently the most athletic country because we always bring home the most medals from the Olympics but we also have the highest percentage of obese people in our population. Obesity can lead to cardiovascular disease, bone problems, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and a whole bunch of other diseases. However this disease is a disease where we can take the wheel and control it and make lifestyle changes if we really wanted to. My Instagram page will contain a lot of inspirational quotes, exercise plans, and food replacements are ACHIEVABLE by anyone. I would want to dedicate this page to those who doesn’t know much about fitness or eating healthy but are willing to make subtle changes in their lifestyle that can make a longer impact in their life. I think Instagram would be a great tool for the youth who don’t know much about living health and it is a great social platform to spread message.  Young teens, ever adults do not understand the idea of living a healthy lifestyle. Many ideas of being healthy is just starving yourself from sweets and salty desires and eating smaller portions when it is really about making healthier choices and being happy. Studies has shown that many people who tend to “diet” always fail because it is not a lifestyle they can keep up with the rest of their lives. The key into maintaining a healthy lifestyle is being able to do it consistently every day. The purpose of this IG page is to give suggestions of what people can change in their lifestyle that is actually maintable. The outcomes of this is that people who want to feel healthier will be able to live longer, change of mood, have enough energy during the day, as well as achieve their health goals.

IG: HealthyHeartys

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Blog 5 InfoGraph

I love these kind of projects because it really allows me to creative with how I present my information. My idea for my infograph was actually influenced by my friends who are in a frat who tend to binge drink a lot of alcohol until they black out. I told them about the other consequences of alcohol that might not be popular and they were amazed of how much alcohol can do so much damage to their body. I had a lot of fun making my info graph and tried to tie as much of it from what I leaned from Psy nursing. I really like to talk about topics that many people may not realize or know much about. A lot of my friends that aren’t nursing majors don’t realize the harmful effects of alcohol binge drinking which is big during the 20th century and even in the present time today. The current data has shown that people from the 1990s à 2017 has dropped in alcoholism by almost half. I believe that is because more and more people are being educated about the effects of alcohol and are being more health weary. I wanted to challenge myself and put in information that is informative that many people may not know about alcohol poisoning. I put in statistics of the possible seizures and deaths that can occur in alcohol poisoning. I also included information about how it can put harmful effects on some of your main organs such as your heart, brain, liver, kidneys, and pancreas.

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