Medical Negligence in Terms of Sexual Health

When discussing medical negligence in these prison systems, the National Commission on Correctional Health Care notes that it is important to remember that “women have unique, gender-specific health needs. Incarcerated women report histories of alcohol and drug abuse, sexually transmitted infection, sexual and physical abuse, and mental illness, with rates of these conditions higher than those of incarcerated men, according to numerous studies” (Women’s). They need appropriate care for certain things, but however, the law doesn’t recognize it and neither do the guards. Without appropriate care, they are subject to risks in their sexual health which poses a big problem. They should have the right to the correct medical treatment, especially when there are so many studies that support the idea that they are susceptible to massive risks in terms of sexual and overall health. The right to proper treatment is in their basic rights as people in the United States. Being in prison shouldn’t be the reason why someone doesn’t have access to proper treatment. Proper treatment is a right and women have different health concerns that should and must be catered to. Prison is an establishment that is essentially set to lead people on the right path (or at least that’s what it aims to do), it shouldn’t be the reason people die because they don’t access to proper medical health.

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