Relation between India and America

Something that is quite interesting is seeing the way that the prison system in America relates a lot to the prison system in India. Now India and America are very different countries. Wallerstein describes America as a core country and India as a semi-peripheral country. A core country is a country where it can stand strong on its own and not prone to exploitation in terms of politics and a semi-peripheral country

 is prone to exploitation, but not as much as a peripheral country. Much like the predicament of disadvantaged groups in America, a journal called Rights of Women Prisoners in India: An Evaluation, discusses how the people convicted “are poor and helpless, they languish in jails for long periods either

because there is no one to bail them out or because there is no one to think of them. The very pendency of criminal proceedings for long periods by itself operates as an engine of oppression” (Garg). This is a lot like how certain disadvantaged groups in America cannot post bail due to low funds and have to suffer in the system. This is surprising because America is seen as the more the more “advanced” country, yet it has a big problem in common with India.

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