Effects of Separation of Child and Mother

When mothers are separated from their children, it causes pain and anguish for both the mother and child. Parents play a great role in shaping their kids’ lives and not being able to be there for the other present massive problems. Huffington Post reports that “children of incarcerated parents can struggle with a range of issues that include poverty, poor grades, behavioral issues, and depression” (Bellware, 2016). This shows how the separation doesn’t only hurt the mother. These children have never committed a mistake in their lives. For them to have to go through this because of a flawed penal system and the mistakes of their parents is extremely wrong. This separation also goes against the rights of the prisoners themselves because they have the right to be present in their children’s lives. When it is time for them to come out and their children blame them for being in jail and not active in their lives, it causes issues for the mothers as even in the outside, they are not accepted. When the children are born, they develop an attachment. There are three types of attachment: secure, ambivalent, and avoidant. Children who develop a secure bond tend to do better in the future. This demonstrates how important it is that the mother is with the child as it is growing up and how separating them causes disadvantages to both mother and child.

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