Late Reminder: for class Thursday 10/20/2016


For class today, you have two tasks. Both are part of the rhetorical process of INVENTION (coming up with ideas about what to say, and appropriate arguments or strategies to use).

First, write a post that has two elements:

  • exploring a potential topic idea for S3
  • identifying a decision-making audience for your talk

You can update or edit this post after class–we’ll work on developing your ideas.

Second, prepare a 1-minute, 1-slide topic pitch. Let us know a little bit about what you’re interested in, why, and what audience you’d like to influence.

  • 1 minute
  • 1 slide

Don’t worry

If you are having trouble thinking of an appropriate topic, don’t worry! We’ll keep working on it!

Here are some things to remember:

If anything makes you think, “huh, weird” — that’s probably a good thing to investigate.

Pick something that is connected to your own interests or experience.

Sometimes people pick something because it seems like it will be easy to find lots of information. I disagree with this strategy, because it means the person is not challenging themselves. And if information is easy to find, why do we need a presentation on it? Respect yourself, respect your audience, don’t be afraid to dig.