For class on Tuesday, November 22th

Please complete two tasks before class on Tuesday, November 22.

  1. Reflect on what you saw at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency open house on Thursday afternoon and post to your blog. The post should comment on the transportation project AND the presentation of the project. Use details and specific examples so readers can really understand what you’re talking about.
Poster from the SFMTA open house, 17 November 2016
Poster from the SFMTA open house, 17 November 2016

Write a post discussing the transportation project. What did you learn about it? Did you form an opinion about its future?

I learned about the “High Injury Network” — the streets that account for 70% of injuries (pedestrian, bicycle, motorist). The map doesn’t break it down, though, so I don’t know which streets are statistically more dangerous for cyclists.

Also discuss the aspect of oral & visual communication you saw at the Open House. Here are some suggested things to think about–you can use these question to get started in your thinking (or ignore them if you have something better to talk about). What kinds of communication took place? Did you see things that were effective or ineffective (in your view)? What’s the difference between a poster and a powerpoint slide? Who were the presenters and what did you think of their credibility? Who was the audience?

The project website is here — you can find a PDF of all the posters as well as many other details.

2. Watch this video by TED curator Chris Anderson. He identifies the four key ingredients for a successful talk. This is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from Will Stephen’s “How to sound smart in your TEDx talk.”¬†Write a blog post about your plans for S4–what “strange and beautiful objects” will you give to your listeners? This isn’t really a proposal, and you don’t have to stick with what you write. But it’s definitely time to get started thinking about S4.