Third Task for Class 9/12: Watch These Videos

bike helmet designed to resemble a watermelon
Protect your melon.

Throughout the class, we’ll use online lectures and presentations as sources of information and as objects of analysis.

You’ve already done a credibility assessment of a speaker or presenter. What happens when you are faced with two credible people who strongly disagree?

(You can watch these in any order.)

Watch Dr. Fred Rivara, a distinguished physician and professor of medicine, talk about the importance of bicycle helmets.

Watch Mikael Colville-Anderson, a globally-known urban planner and designer, argue against wearing bicycle helmets.

Watch Melissa Marshall give advice to scientists and technical people in her TED talk, “Talk Nerdy to Me.”

Questions to ponder:

  1. Thinking about the rhetorical triangle presented by Faigley, what are the most and least persuasive aspects of Rivara and Colville-Anderson’s┬ápresentations?
  2. Do Colville-Anderson and Rivara take Marshall’s advice about “talking nerdy?”