BY MONDAY Fourth Task for Class 9/12: Create Two Questions

In class on Tuesday, September 12th, we’ll visit the offices of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition at 1720 Market Street. We’re scheduled to meet with Executive Director Brian Wiedenmeier at 2 p.m.

We’ll learn a bit about the history of the SF Bicycle Coalition, its current projects, and its future plans.

Based on what you know (or would like to know) about bikes and public speaking, create two questions for Brian Wiedenmeier. I’ll share some of these questions with him in advance, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask some of them at the meeting.

A good structure for a question is:

“In class, we read about _______________. What is your opinion/ what is the position of the Bicycle Coalition on this issue?”

You can also ask questions that are specific to Mr. Wiedenmeier’s role. For example, “What are the main duties of an Executive Director in a non-profit?” or “What changes have you seen in San Francisco since you started here?” or …..

Post these questions to your blog. If your blog isn’t up and running, post your questions in the comments (below).

Sample questions:

We watched Dr. Fred Rivara’s TEDx talk, where he argues ______________ about bicycle helmets. What is the position of the Bicycle Coalition about helmets?

We read about establishing credibility with audiences. How do you, as Executive Director, establish credibility?

3 thoughts on “BY MONDAY Fourth Task for Class 9/12: Create Two Questions”

  1. I’ve noticed several Ford bike stations around San Francisco. Are they really popular with locals and tourists? Do they continue to grow in popularity each year or during a certain season?

    Do you think frequent bike theft affects a person’s decision to ride their bike to work, the park, etc.?

  2. How will you [Wiedenmeier] plan on contributing to the growth or promotion of the new bike lanes built on market street, as an executive director of a non profit?

    Many adolescents have been seen biking without helmets over the past couple years, what is your take on this issue?

  3. Will you be looking to expand the areas in which bikes are offered to the public around San Francisco in order to increase the amount of people who have access to a bicycle?

    Personally, why do you chose to ride a bike instead of driving or using public transportation?

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