What is a “Post”?

I often ask you to write “posts.” There are a couple ways to approach this task, but usually it should take less than 10 or 15 minutes to actually write the post (reading and viewing course material takes longer, of course!).

When you write your post, think about the kind of things you are most likely to read on theĀ internet. You can use posts for this class as a way to practice and apply strategies that will capture the audiences you want to reach.

I set up a “Post” page with some guidelines for writing your posts. But in truth, there’s no one right way to do it, as long as you aim for these goals:

  • thinking it through
  • sharing your ideas
  • demonstrating your knowledge

(and you should include an image, picture, graph, drawing, etc.)

by Nina Paley

One thought on “What is a “Post”?”

  1. Last class while doing an assignment in the panhandle, I noticed that people enjoy walking their dogs along the grass, pulling them alongside their bikes and skateboards, or just having them follow them around wherever they go. One event that shocked me was that a man had actually tied his dog to the basketball pole he was shooting hoops on. I was so worried that this small dog was going to get hit buy this basketball and my teammates and I talked about it for an extensive amount of time.

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