Giant ATX 760

This venerable steed was manufactured in 1993 by the Giant Bicycle Company and donated by Diane Gsell, who rode it from San Francisco to Los Angeles in what was then the AIDS Ride.

two bicycles

The ATX came to us with flat handlebars, a rear rack, and slick tires (better for riding on the road). It was originally equipped with a common mountain bike set-up of the era: a triple chainring crankset and an 8-speed rear derailleur.

The 8-speed Shimano shifters were not functioning well, so we replaced the flat handlebars and mountain-bike-style shifters with road (“drop”) handlebars and a well-used 9-speed shifter/brake lever. A new 26″ wheel with a 9-speed hub was required to complete the set-up.

cyclist riding through a mud puddle
ATX 760 at the cyclocross race

The cheapest imaginable knobby tires make the ATX cyclocross race-able. As of March 2017, it has been ridden in 3 cyclocross races.

Due to parts and funding shortages, the front derailleur was not hooked up, making the ATX effectively a 9-speed bike.

Brand: Giant

Model: ATX 760

Year: 1993

Weight: 29 lbs

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