Module 4: Advocacy

In the bicycle world, people have strong opinions and debates are everywhere. Public speakers often seek to make and impact through persuasion—using words to change the ideas or actions of other people. You’ll choose an issue and an audience that’s important to you and develop an advocacy presentation, building on your credibility, strong evidence, and careful analysis.

  • Major Speaking Assignment: S4 Persuasive Presentation with Multimedia Support (5 minutes) —again, you’ll choose your audience (for example, USF students or administrators, residents of a neighborhood, government officials, members of the health professions). You’ll design a presentation to appeal to your chosen audience with a specific goal in mind, presenting evidence and argument to convince the audience to take action.

Module 4 focuses on Core Learning Outcomes 1 and 3:

  • Craft and present well-organized, thesis-driven speeches.
  • Deliver speeches using an audience-centered, extemporaneous approach.

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