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Volunteer Opportunity at Bike Coalition

This would be a great idea for a bike expedition:

Volunteer Night – Tuesday, April 11, 5:00 – 8:00 pm
SF Bicycle Coalition HQ, 1720 Market St.

This SF Bicycle Coalition tradition has been happening for as long as we can remember and newcomers are always welcome.¬† Stop by, snack on tasty treats, chat with fellow members and bike enthusiasts, and help us keep our organization rolling as we work together on group office tasks.¬†Dinner is provided. Bring a friend – the more the merrier. Don’t forget to bring your bike into the office. No RSVP necessary.
More info here:

Tandem Scofflaw Dad on the Panhandle

We watched this video in class on 2/28. The video demonstrates a few issues we’ll talk about over the next few weeks:

What are the challenges involved in a re-design of the shared-used path in the Panhandle (the video shows some of the different users and differences in speed)?To what degree do/should cyclists

To what degree do/should cyclists strictly obey traffic regulations (the video depicts a cyclist with a child running a red light)?

How has new cycling-specific infrastructure changed San Francisco’s streets (the video depicts construction of a separated bike lane on Oak St. and a bicycle traffic signal at Oak and Broderick)?

We can talk more effectively about these challenges if we collect evidence– through interviews, surveys, observation, counting, and measuring.

USF at Critical Mass, February 2017


students at a much bigger critical mass in 2009

Three of us went to Critical Mass on a chilly February afternoon.

The legendary event was tiny — a dozen or so cyclists clustered in near the Ferry Building.

Vincent had this to say about the occasion:

With only two student, one of which is myself , and the professor, the journey to see Critical Mass on Friday February 25, 2017 was in my view underwhelming. There was a small turnout of people whom congregated in front of the ferry building. Professor Hunt informed me that sometimes there are crowds of cyclists, but this time was very small. I did not participate in the Mass nor anyone else in the group. We went to get coffee instead and talk about life. After coffee we all went away. The professor estimated that the cyclists would venture off around 6 pm, however coming out from getting coffee at around 6:30 the people at the “Mass” were still there. They hadn’t left. I did not stay to see them sent-off….