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Class 10/3 – Remi

Here’s Remi’s post about Class 7 on Thursday, October 3rd. You can read the original post on Remi’s blog here: http://usfblogs.usfca.edu/remilevinson/2017/10/03/class-103/

Aaron and I took the muni to the ferry building where we started class today. We noticed that as we got closer to union square there were often cars driving in and out of the bike lanes on the road in an attempt to get away from the traffic. We got to the ferry building a bit before the rest of the class so we had time to walk around and see some of the food stands. Walking from the muni to the ferry building as well as around the building itself I noticed quite a few bike rental places as well as ford bike stands. After getting ice cream at the ferry building we took an uber to see the presentation which we ended up missing because of how bad the traffic was! The cars were hardly moving and our uber driver told us this was because of the amount of different construction projects going on in the area simultaneously.When this happened we saw again lots of people using the bike lanes to try and get out of the way of all the traffic which our uber driver did at one point.

Spike in Pedestrian Deaths

Use Caution!

A new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association shows a continued rise in pedestrian injuries and deaths as a result of traffic collisions.

While total traffic deaths have increased slightly (after falling for years due to increased safety requirements for autos), pedestrian deaths have increased 25% since 2010, with the highest increase rate (11%) in 2016.

More than 700 pedestrians were killed in California in 2016.

My home state (Delaware) had the highest per capita death rate for pedestrians: 3.38 deaths per 100,000…. 🙁

One explanation offered by the report: “A more recent factor contributing to the increase in pedestrian fatalities may be the growing use of smart phones by all road users, which can be a signicant source of distraction for both drivers and pedestrians.”

You can read the full report here: http://www.ghsa.org/sites/default/files/2017-03/2017ped_FINAL_4.pdf

The story in the SF Chronhttp://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/California-No-1-in-U-S-study-showing-spike-in-11040076.php