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Trouble posting videos?

You may have difficulty posting videos directly to your WordPress blog.

Try these alternatives:

  1. YouTube, Vimeo, or some other video-hosting service. It’s easy (and free) to make an account. Post your video there and paste the link into a WordPress blog post. You can “format” the post as a Video post if you want (do this with a button on the right side of the “Add New Post” screen). —->
  2. You can also use Zoom — it’s actually a videoconferencing tool, but you can use it to record and host video. https://usfca.zoom.us
  3. If all else fails, email the videos to me using your usfca account. Google will upload the video to your Drive and send me a link. Then write a post to your blog explaining that you did this (this helps me keep track of things later on in the semester).

Same instructions as a screenshot