Discussion of Sources-Project 1

In terms of sources I obviously used the video that I watched on youtube to kind of base my whole presentation around. But, I also used Horner’s “establishing credibility”. Specifically, I used his criteria of determining the credibility for writers to determine the credibility for the youtuber. I think what the youtube especially did that Horner covers is reminding us as the audience why we are there and thus, sort of establishing a connection with the audience.

Write Out-project 1

Introduction- Discussion of the format of the video: “How to style of video” He holds the tire up and basically describes how to change the tire step by step.

Body 1 – Emotion and body language leads me to believe that he is very knowledgeable in the subject of changing a bike tire and therefore I should trust him. Basically his knowledge boost his credibility.

Body 2- The positive comments under the video also, boost his credibility because it makes me believe that since  it works for other people it should work for me and therefore he is trustworthy.


Outline Project 1

So for project 1 I analyzed the several aspects of a tutorial video of how to change a bike tire, as a means to determine the credibility of the person.  I started the presentation by looking at the format of the video and how he set it up in the best was possible of the audience to understand what he is talking about. I then went in to talk about how his body language and his in depth steps to changing the tire proved that he was very knowledgeable in the subject and this sort of boost his credibility by a lot. I then started to wrap up the presentation by talking about the comments under the video to see if their were any positive responses by anyone.

class 13

So in class we all got separated in groups and worked on a group project on an advocacy project based around women. The initiative that I researched was a project called women bike. Women bike was started in 2009 and it basically was founded to uplift women cyclist because apparently women in the cycling community are underrepresented. Which is something that I didn’t know.

class 12

I think youtube voice is a useful quality to have when giving presentations but, it sort of weird when your trying to do it purposely. Like, when you don’t naturally talk like that its like really awkward. The video that I watched was a podcast type video called “everyday struggle”. The people speaking weren’t really using the youth voice and it felt a bit more natural compared to other youtubers who use youtube voice.

class 11

In terms of foul language when giving a presentation, I think it depends on the audience and what your talking about. Like, if your at a group interview or something and your trying to pitch yourself you probably shouldn’t be cursing. However, if your giving a presentation in like our class for example I don’t think its that bad.

Class 9

So from this class what I found really interesting was the bike share presentation. i think bike shares could be really helpful to an urban city such as San Francisco but, I think it would be hard to get people to try it out. Like,  I think for a lot of people it would be economically better and its better for the environment but, people are just lazy. So overall I think bike shares are cool but, people are lazy.

Video thing

The video that I watched was a snippet of a speech done by Martin Luther king right before he was assassinated. I think in terms of his speech, King boost his credibility by combining his years of experience in advocating with the obvious passion that he is displaying in his speech. His passion I think also allows him to sort of connect with the audience. Due to this connection he establishes with the audience early on his credibility is boosted. All in all the speech was a success.

class 14- stance on freedom of speech

In class today went over our projects from last week and then we started to move into more discussion of presentation 4. Professor Hunt split everyone up into groups and had everyone watch a different video with the overall idea of the video surrounding around advocacy. So before I go into the video that I watched. My stance on freedom of speech is sort of straight forward. I think freedom of speech should juts be a basic human right however, even thought I support the cause of someones openly expressing there opinion I do not condone this ultimately leading to a form of violence. And yeah.

class 5

So what I remember of class was that we gave our presentation on evidence based on the data we collected at the panhandle. I think overall , the presentation went well. I don’t remember anything that I really did bad of extremely good so yeah. Later in class we back into golden gate park and explored the bike track, which was also pretty cool i guess learning about the history and what not.