Reading Response-Understand the Audience

I read an article written by Nancy Duarte talking about the importance and power of the audience. Duarte goes about analyzing the importance of the audience by talking about how a presenter should go about approaching the audience; kind of segmenting the audience by several different traits, thinking about the ideas you want yo communicate, thinking about how the audience may respond and  making sure to practice so your are prepared when presenting in front of your audience.

I think the most interesting point that Duarte sort of brought up separating the audience by the several “graphics”. ┬áLike, separating them by demographics,psychographics,ethnographics etc. I think I found this idea to be really interesting because I never really thought of doing something like, this to the audience. When I walk into a room I may scan the room and analyze the overall trend in terms of demographics but, I never thought to incorporate this into my actual argument.

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