Peer Analysis-Project 4

I think everyone did a pretty good job as usual, In particular I respected Olivia’s because it seemed as though she really knew what she was talking about and she has a particular charisma about her that makes it easy to listen to if that makes sense. I also, thought everyone did pretty good with the powerpoint.

Self Assessment-Project 4

I think in comparison to my other projects this project ran flat, however I didn’t do that bad. I think me kind relating the USADA to the class at the end was a pretty good idea considering I came up with it on the spot. Also, I think I did pretty well in terms of pacing and time; not going over 3 minutes. Next time, I think I should practice my presentation more in terms of rehearsals and what not.

Class 15

So for our last class we kind of just chilled and gave our presentations and at the end professor hunt asked us to make a post about following the learning guidelines or whatever. So in terms of the learning outcomes I think the main sort of skill I picked up in the class was the ability to “express ideas in an articulate and persuasive way”. Through doing all the presentations and what not I think we all got a lot better at early being able to express our ideas and thoughts much better.

Speaking Center Project 4

Going into my speaking center appointment I was sort of anxious because I wasn’t sure exactly what I was supposed to be doing but, it really wasn’t that bad. We spoke about the format of my power point and how its important to have a lot of pictures and limit the amount of text. At the same time, having a through understanding of my topic so I can really explain it. We also created a draft of my outline.

Write Out Project 4

I’m going to be talking about the United states anti doping association.

Honestly i’m not sure if it’s an advocacy but it is an organization that was started to protect the integrity of sports. So it’s sort of an advocacy group I guess.

The USADA was founded in 1999 by the USOC.

Its described as being a non-profit and non-governmental organization. The inspiration behind finding this organization was to retain the integrity of sports through drug testings and managing the results management process

An example of an athlete sort of being affected by the USADA is lance armstrong.

In 2012 Armstrong was accused by doping and after a lot of investigation by the USADA he was found guilty of several cases of doping. He was the stripped of all his titles as punishment.

The USADA needs chemist to solidify their testing methods to make sure they have accurate results and an efficient way of testing.

So to conclude the USADA is I think an important and necessary organization because it makes things fair in the world of sports and what not.


Outline Project 4

Im going to talk about the non-profit, the United States Anti=doping Association. Im going to talk about some of the background information of the organization such as when it was founded and why. Then, move more into how the organization is related to me and the overall importance of the organization. I think I want to communicate why the organization is important to the world of sports.