Governor Newsom unveils a budget proposal allocating $22 billion to climate based projects, including transitioning to electric, energy efficiency, climate change prevention, and equitable distribution of aid. 



A group of researchers estimate there are more than 9,000 tree species on Earth yet to be cataloged, adding urgency to preservation efforts.



The North Face contributed bought land in Chile to create a reserve to protect the endangered Andean huemul deer.

Andean huemul deer


On April 17th, Fatou, the oldest gorilla in the world, celebrated her 65th birthday.



Wildfires spread through New Mexico, causing the evacuation of thousands of people and leaving most of the state in a critical fire danger zone. 



Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon during the first half of 2022 broke all records. Satellite images taken between January and June showed 1,500 square miles of forest destroyed, more than in any six-month period in the seven years of record-keeping under the current methodology. The extent is four times the size of New York City. What makes this statistic more remarkable is that the forest cutting is taking place during the rainy season. Deforestation is historically higher in the drier second half of the year when it is easier to access remote areas on the region’s unpaved roads.



A federal judge in California overturned a 2019 Trump administration move to gut the landmark Endangered Species Act, vacating that administration’s changes and restoring protections for hundreds of species. The move was a win for environmental and conservation groups and climate advocates. The restoration of the protections could also be a boon for climate groups that argue oil and gas drilling in certain areas could harm threatened wildlife.



California regulators voted to ban new gas car sales by 2035. Zero-emission cars will be phased in as the only legal option to purchase by 2035, 20% being allowed to be plug-in hybrids. Previously owned cars that run off of gasoline will be allowed, but this measure is expected to have an impact on car and gasoline companies.



California enacted some of the nation’s most aggressive climate measures in history as Governor Gavin Newsom signed a sweeping package of legislation to cut pollution, protect Californians from big polluters, and accelerate the state’s transition to clean energy. The act includes groundbreaking measures to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2045 and 90% clean energy by 2035, establish new setback measures protecting communities from oil drilling, capture carbon pollution from the air, advance nature-based solutions, and more. This is an essential piece of the California Climate Commitment, a record $54 billion investment in climate action that exceeds what most countries are spending and advances economic opportunity and environmental justice in communities across the state.



At the West Coast Climate Agreement, the governors of California, Oregon, Washington, and the premier of British Columbia gathered in San Francisco to sign an agreement to decarbonize the electric grid, speed the transition to electric vehicles and make their communities more resilient to climate disasters including drought, wildfire, sea-level rise, and extreme heat.



At the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27), the United States launched the Net-Zero Government Initiative, inviting governments to lead by example and achieve net-zero emissions from government operations by no later than 2050. 18 countries have joined the United States in this new Initiative, including: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.



The U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP) has released a report that details how the world will need to set aside $384 billion a year to guard against climate change, more than double what is currently being invested. They also warned that subsidies to harmful industries are contributing to increasing this cost in the future. 



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