9/11 Memorial Project

9/11- USF Growing Art Memorial Project from Camille on Vimeo.

Spearheaded by Israeli artist and sculptor Raffael Lomas, Israeli architect Yaron Kuperstock, and me, the Director of the University of San Francisco’s Swig Program in Jewish Studies and Social Justice, we are working with Bay Area-based families connected to the horrific and traumatic events of September 11, 2001, to together create a living art installation. After years of efforts, we recently procured two boxes of metal artifacts from the destroyed buildings. The sculpture we aim to create will combine trees with human-made metal, a new symbol of the growth and strength that can be reincarnated from that which we previously perceived as lifeless.In Spring 2018, Lomas and Kuperstock worked with a group of USF undergraduate students as part of the students’ course work to start the project in earnest.