Class work February 6th, 2020

I was born in Beijing, China and have lived there for most of my life; however, I have lived in other countries as well. I lived for 5 years in Canada and 2 years in the U.S before coming to college. Growing up in Canada was different than coming to America because I was very young when I lived in Canada, from around the ages 7-12 and it was easier for me to acclimate and make friends, although learning English was a challenge initially. I returned to China after that until my parents decided to send me to military school in Virginia, U.S.A. I was used to my lifestyle in China, I had many friends, was popular and was doing well in school; coming to America was a complete culture shock to me because I had never had any prior experiences with going to school in America as well as anything to do with the military. Coming here especially to a very conservative area in Virginia was hard for me in the beginning, as I struggled to make friends and connect with anyone at military school. Although my English was fluent, it seemed as if I was speaking a different language when I talked to my classmates, the slang, the things we did for fun, and our interests were so different. However, one of my personal strengths has always been adapting to change well and after a couple months of being in my shell I began to be more social and made more friends as a result. One of the reasons for this change was just being around everyone and learning and absorbing the culture that I was now a part of and this helped me immensely in my efforts to make new friends and connect with everyone. By the end of my high school journey at military school, I was back where I was when I got there; I was the Captain of Alpha Company, I had a great group of diverse friends and was well respected on campus.


  • Introduction: 
  • Upbringing in China and Canada and how different is was from the U.S when I got there
  • Diverse background, I had a diverse background as I have lived in  a plethora of different countries before I came to America.
  • Leaving China and coming to America:
  • Culture Shock
  • Different Environment in which I had to adapt to
  • Acclimating to my new Environment:
  • Learning and observing the new culture that I was new too
  • Getting out of my comfort zone, trying things that I was not used to and that helped me immensely to make friends and to feel comfortable.
  • Conclusion:
  • Round up ideas, use examples of how successful I was when I graduated military school and how much I learned during those two years.


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