February 11th In Class Writing

My story is about the following event, me attending a military high school in a foreign environment that led to personal growth as well as cultural growth. My story is about me coming to America as an international student and attending military school in Virginia and how this experience and my struggles in the beginning to make friends and to become acclimated were the most valuable 2 years of my life. I’m going to start my audio essay with a story on how I slowly grew out of my shell, which started in the weight room, and then grew into something bigger as I connected and bonded with many people that I had considered alien to me just a couple weeks ago. What I learned through my two years there is to always be open-minded and to get out of your comfort zone; military school by itself isn’t very comfortable already but that’s only one aspect of it, you also have to get out of your personal comfort zone and try things that you may have never even considered your whole life. Coming from an pretty strict Asian household and living in China most of my life (albeit at an International School) and then being submerged into a completely different culture is rough and drastically different but through keeping an open mind and striving everyday to challenge myself anyone can acclimate to environments they previously thought they couldn’t.


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