Welcome to the University of San Francisco Master of Arts in Professional Communication (MAPC) landing page! This blog serves as a virtual space for students, faculty and staff to post and distribute content about the communications field and to present relevant information generated from projects, events, and goings-on both inside and outside of our program.

Through the direction of our MAPC Media Group, a student-run mini-newsroom housed in the Media Lab of our program offices at 101 Howard Street in downtown San Francisco, we will share stories and information that interest us and, we hope, might interest you, as well. Topics will likely include the internship and job scene in San Francisco, the city of San Francisco itself (a.k.a. #BestCityEver), communication trends, new product reviews, events around town and beyond.

We believe that storytellers create change, that communication at its best is about connection, communion, and community. We look forward to exchanging stories with you here and on our various social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

If you’re a student with a story idea, a friend, follower, connection or reader looking to chat or learn more about our Media Group or program, please drop us a line at mapcusf@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the MAPC Media Group: Storytellers Create Change

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