As a Brazilian journalist, who moved from Rio to San Francisco to pursue a master degree in Professional Communication at USF, I am glad to say that San Francisco surprises me every single day. Why? Because of all the incredible outdoor activities it offers, the people I meet and its wonderful views, which I ranked bellow in five positions:

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is my favorite sight of San Francisco because from up the hills you can have an amazing 360º view of the city. Choose to go there during the sunrise or sunset and don’t forget: avoid foggy days (or you won’t see much) and dress warmly!


Lands End

Prepare your lungs to inhale the fresh air! Located at the northwestern corner of San Francisco, Lands End trail takes you to lovely hidden spots in every turn of the way. This picture is from the Labyrinth entirely made of rocks created by Eduardo Aguilera in 2004.

Golden Gate Bridge

It doesn’t matter on which side of the bridge you are, the Golden Gate Bridge will always fascinate with its beauty. No wonder why it is San Francisco’s most famous symbol.

Alamo Square

In this picture taken from the Alamo Square Park, you can see the Painted Ladies (famous row of Victorian and Edwardian style houses) and also downtown San Francisco during sunset. Although there are many tourists visiting the park, it normally isn’t so busy like the other famous ones in the Bay area.

University of San Francisco

Last but not least, the sight from University of San Francisco’s Lone Mountain Campus couldn’t stay out of my list. Look at this view from the hilltop! The first day I visited the place I was hypnotized.

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