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By Brandon Keller

The spring semester is here for our Professional Communication students, but San Franciscans must endure the rainy season before the beloved Northern California weather arrives. However, gray skies and shorter days shouldn’t stop you from truly experiencing the Bay Area as a graduate student. Below are a few activities that will get your 2018 off to a great start.

Major League Baseball Free Fan Fests

The Bay Area is home to the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics, and both teams will host a FREE admission Fan Fest early this year. These events are an opportunity to meet players and learn about the team as the 2018 baseball season approaches.

AT&T Park will host the Giants Fan Fest on Saturday, February 10. This ballpark is one of the finest professional sports venues in the country, and it’s a true icon of San Francisco. AT&T Park should be high on your “must see list” right near the Golden Gate Bridge. Most Giants games are expensive, so this is a great opportunity for students to experience a Bay Area treasure for free.

The University of San Francisco has plenty of students from the East Bay who pledge allegiance to the Oakland Athletics. The A’s Fan Fest will be at Jack London Square in Oakland on Saturday, January 27. This one isn’t at a stadium, but the location provides a fun setting for community members to get player autographs, participate in team Q&As, and eat free food. I attended this event last year, and arriving early is the key to getting through autograph lines quickly if you want time for other activities.

New Exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

San Francisco also offers experiences that are a bit more refined than a noisy sports rally. From January 27 through May 27 of this year, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will feature a new exhibit called Designed in California. This is a perfect opportunity for people to learn about California’s innovation through the scope of the digital revolution. As modern graduate students, we strive to improve the world with “political, social, and environmental awareness” just like those who shaped California’s eclectic landscape. Grad students are all about productively changing the world, so this exhibit is ideal for people like us.

A Small but Renowned Theater in Berkeley

The Shotgun Players theater group in Berkeley isn’t the grandest room, but it’s one of the best venues to see a play in the Bay Area. Shotgun Players’ recent production of The Black Rider: The Casting of the Magic Bullets was featured on KQED’s The Best Bay Area Theater of 2017 list. This play’s running ended, but you should keep an eye out for Shotgun Players’ performance schedule for 2018. The theater is located directly next to the Ashby BART station which makes for an easy trek during a busy week. San Francisco and the surrounding cities possess some of the greatest displays of art and entertainment in the country. However, you don’t always need to go to the most expensive and famous venues to find a brilliant show.

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